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For nearly two decades, companies in San Diego County have been depending on CIO Systems, Inc. to keep their businesses running smoothly. We sell a full range of IT-related equipment, from desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, servers and network equipment. Clients have installation and finance options. After the purchase, we can integrate your new equipment into our comprehensive service program.


Support, Security, and Network Monitoring

Keeping your valuable data safe is our primary goal. Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems will either diagnose and fix issues or send us a thorough error report.


Microsoft Office and Cloud Services

We are experts in getting your business into the cloud. We will help you get the most out of your cloud subscriptions.


Data Protection

Make sure you company information is secure! From outside theft and unintentional internal leaks, we can monitor your staff activity and report suspicious activity.


Hardware Sales

We sell PCs, Servers, Laptops, Phone Systems, and Printers. Our prices are competitive; we also install and maintain what we sell, taking the anxiety out of keeping your business running smoothly. We are proud to be partnered with Xerox and Lenovo.


Phone Systems

Sale and support of VoIP hosted phone systems. We can configure and maintain a number of existing phone systems or help you get setup with Skype for Business that features full phone system capabilities..

Client and industry recommendations for computer services for business in San Diego

"Bob is always available when we need him the most,
CIO systems, inc. computer monitoring and security service has addressed our security concerns and provides great value for money spent"

Oskar Thorvaldsson Self Health Resource Center


CIO Systems has provided excellent response time to our IT projects and service needs.

Scott Bernhardt, Alcala Management


“The CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark is given to companies who provide on-premise IT services. Companies who earn our Managed Services Trustmark have proven that they are truly committed to their customers by providing a complete managed services agreement, such as standard operating procedures, best practices, and the right systems and tools for delivering services.”


  • Security

    There are many levels needed to insure proper security. Protection needs to be in place on workstations, servers, routers and anything that connects to the web but solutions start at the user level. Solutions start at the user level. Users need to have dedicated accounts with complex passwords and servers need to be physically secured. Servers need to be physically secured. USB ports are surprisingly vulnerable to attack and can devaste an entire system simply by being docked by an infected USB stick. These are simply a few of the many dangers and concerns that businesses face on a day-to-day basis. Our staff and security systems monitor all aspects for potential issues and we take a proactive approach by working with a combination of industry leading security softwares, backup and network monitoring services.


    Employee monitoring solutions

  • Monitoring
  • Hardware
  • Phone
  • Networking

 Easy single service

Having one point of contact for all these options makes sure that products work together cohesively. This eases installation and results in lower pricing.


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